Who Are You?
Most of us answer this question by citing stories from the past, roles we fill, or quoting others' observations of us.  Do these expressions still capture all you are?

Who Are You Now?
We have potential in every moment to shift life in a different direction, yet choose to stay in safe patterns. We attach to beliefs that keep us on our locomotive train, same tracks, day after day.  What's calling you?  Perhaps there's restlessness, yet you haven't felt the push or permission to take action.  Life is about exploration, discovery and adventure. I believe at the soul level, everyone is an adventure.  

Why Use a Coach?
Life Coaching is a one-on-one exploration of who you are now, through identifying the desires urging from within. Coaches partner with clients by reflecting observations and re-igniting their creative process into actionable steps.  We are all creators.

Who Uses Coaching?
Coaching is for anyone interested in opening up to life.  Decision making, stuck relationships, grand ideas or what now?  These are all common areas for coaching.  I have a special interest working with young adults blooming into next steps in life.  I believe when we navigate from our soul, we expand into an electric life force, and can share the gift of who we are.  Maybe you've experienced been-there-done-that and are interested in exploring areas that have become dim over time.  Let's play with discovering who you are now.

If you are interested in a complimentary 30-minute discovery session, please reach out to me by email or text. Sessions may be done by Zoom or phone.

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Life Coaching Rates
30-minute discovery session: FREE
Hourly:     $125.00 CDN / session*
Monthly:  $500.00 CDN  / four sessions*